Daughters Of Destiny Television is an online independent television network broadcasting 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and carry on the birthing of destinies around the globe to give viewers unlimited access to the word of God from any part of the world.  Come experience God in a unique way with Daughters Of Destiny Live TV.

Daughters Of Destiny is an Interdenominational Fellowship for women, charged with a vision to raise women as intercessors for the family and Nations. The ministry was borne out of the divine instruction to gather women to obey the call in Jeremiah 9 verses 17 and 20. The fellowship was formally registered in 2007.

We believe that a prayerful woman is a warrior and an asset to the family and the nation. There is a God given ability in every woman to travail and bring forth. Women have wombs naturally and carry visions AND BIRTH destinies.