Cookery Corner: How to prepare Mashed Beans simply known as Ewa Agoyin

Hi wonderful people. Welcome to our Cookery Corner segment. It’s cooking time and we have brought something as tantalizing as Ewa Agoyin for you to learn and practice if you are finding it difficult to figure out how it’s been prepared.

Ewa Agoyin or Aganyin is one of the most popular street foods eaten in Nigeria and some part of Africa and it is best eaten with Agege bread or boiled yam. It is a special delicacy prepared by the Togolese and it can be eaten at any time of the day.

The Prep Time is 1hr 15 mins

Now get ready to prepare this meal with us.


  • 4 cups of handpicked and dirt free beans
  • 41/2 medium size onions
  • 100g crushed chillies soaked in warm water for at least 3 hours, or overnight preferably
  • 6 cups Palm oil or more
  • Salt
  • Seasoning cubes

Cooking Tips:

 Preparation of the Mashed beans:

  1. Place a pot on medium heat, add rinsed beans, enough water to cook and add half of one chopped onions, and bring to boil until tender. This might take a while, but quicker if you have a pressure cooking pot. Add water in between to avoid the beans drying out/ burning.

Beans have to be really tender so as to be able to mash properly. Once beans are tender, mash till almost smooth. Add salt to beans to taste

And whilst you are waiting on the beans to cook, start frying the Agoyin sauce. Making the sauce requires a lot of patience and I mean a lot of it and be ready to use lot of palm oil.

Tip: We recommend you bleach a large amount of oil and set aside before cooking. Add to the stew as required once you feel the need for it.

Preparation of the Sauce:

 1. The sauce tends to soak up the palm oil so it is advisable you cook on low heat.

2. Blend soaked chilli flakes with water and 3 onions till pureed

3. Place a pan on medium-high heat, add palm oil and bleach. Add the remaining chopped onions and continue frying till onion is brown but not burnt. (Keep your kitchen well ventilated during this process)

4. Add blended pepper and cook on a low heat, once pepper mixture start changing colour from bright red to brownish, add salt and seasoning to taste.

5. Don’t worry if it seems the sauce is soaking up the oil, add more palm oil if needed but not water.

Ewa Agoyin is ready to be served with Agege bread, or pap or yam. It depends on what you prefer.



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