Motherhood Today: Caring for Yourself As A New Mom

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The arrival of a new patter of feet brings a kind of innate joy that no one can ever understand until you find yourself wearing that shoe. Yes! The joys, the hopeful, bright thoughts, the loving, the plans for your baby’s future, the expectations cannot be explained. All the same, in the midst of all these, the new mom needs to care for herself which is very important.

If you’re like most new moms, it may seem nearly impossible to find time for yourself with a new baby in the house – but only by taking care of yourself can you give your baby the best possible care.

Try to carve out a few minutes each day for caring for yourself. Not only will that help you be less easily frustrated, irritable, and self-critical, you may even protect yourself from postpartum depression.

Here’s a list of suggestions for self-care. You may not be able to follow every single one, but simply reading through them may help you recognize all the ways you need care too.

  1. Sleep or rest when your baby does.

A common self-care tip for new moms is to sleep when your baby is sleeping. But many moms just can’t sleep and  if you don’t feel like sleeping, that doesn’t mean you’re supposed to go a cleaning spree. Sit down on the couch and read a book or a magazine, or even lay down.” Listen to a podcast or to music that makes you happy, crochet, meditate, journal or make a cup of tea. These would go a long way to help you feel relaxed if you don’t feel like sleeping when your baby is sleeping. “Do whatever is relaxing for you. Take care of yourself physically; rest, eat right and exercise.

  1. Develop a Support System.

Make sure you have other new parents to talk to and make a point of talking to them or seeing them at least once a week.

  1. Express and accept your negative feelings.

It’s normal to feel bad sometimes when you’re adjusting to a new baby. But you need to focus on your positive feelings. Look for ways in which you do feel good and pay attention to those things..

  1. Take breaks by yourself, with your partner, or with another adult. No one can work at a job nonstop without some time off every day no matter how much of a supermom you may want to be.
  2.  Keep your expectations realistic. No one can do it all, let alone do it perfectly. Work toward reasonable, achievable goals, whether dealing with feelings, doing housework or losing your pre-baby weight.

6.  Nurture your sense of humour. Try to laugh daily, whether at yourself, your situation, or something outside of all this.

7. Structure your day.

Plan loosely how you’ll spend your day, designating time for all the items on this list. Keep the plan flexible and realistic so you can stick to it. Don’t be hard on yourself. Remember you’ve got a baby to think of.

  1. Postpone other major life changes.

Avoid taking on a new job, a new home, or a new partner until you feel more settled in your new role as a new mother.

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